Backyard Pirate Ship Swing

Pirate ship playground
Pirate ship wheel First test swing
This one goes back a while. Our first summer in Ireland and at the time no local playground to visit. Making use of our backyard space to build a pirate ship themed swing set was the order of the day by our young captain Ronan. Made from untreated 6×2 rough sawn timber it came together relatively simply. Three steps up to the main deck with wheeled helm and bowsprit/walk the plank. From here a ladder to the crows nest with mighty views of the garden and neighbors backyard. Also incorporated a kid/adult seated swing and a simple rope swing for flying off the main deck. Shortly after “launch/project completion” all the neighborhood kids descended for a pirate adventure. Nil casualties bar one poor fellow who ran head first into the walk-the-plank luckily only injuring his pride. Many fine afternoons have been spent in search of treasure and backyard adventure.


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