Daft Punks

Daft punk inspired helmets from cardboard. "Get Lucky" was thrashed during the construction of these helmets then several times again once we'd set up the stage for a photo shoot. I had intended to make a more durable helmet using the cardboard … [Read more]

ABC Rock Tiki

Feeling proud and patriotic for New Zealand/Australia week at our local pre-school I thought it best to make something the school could use for the years to come. In Maori culture Tiki's are used to ward off evil spirits so they tend to be fairly … [Read more]

Backyard Pirate Ship Swing

This one goes back a while. Our first summer in Ireland and at the time no local playground to visit. Making use of our backyard space to build a pirate ship themed swing set was the order of the day by our young captain Ronan. Made from untreated … [Read more]

Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Darling wife thought it about time to introduce young Ronan to Ghostbusters. Innocently sharing the great 80's theme tune and subsequently watching the movie has made an everlasting impression. So a workshop project was initiated; one proton pack and … [Read more]

Thunderbirds are GO

Having introduced my young one to classic 70's Scifi TV series Thunderbirds he sugested we make a rocket in the workshop. Already owning large replicas of TB1 and TB2 it was going to be Thunderbird 3. This project was ideal for my improvised wood … [Read more]

Slaine’s Brainbiter Axe

Being a long time fan of 2000AD comics and having recently re-read some old favorites from the 80's I was inspired to visit the workshop. Slaine is a Celtic barbarian from ancient times, he has many battles and adventures with his companion Unko the … [Read more]

Contact form

Slowly chipping away on the content for the site. The portfolio section is proving to be a challenge coming up with a suitable layout and functionality. So I've taken a break and put in a contact form which includes an upload file field; send me your … [Read more]

New Theme

Now using a fairly nifty Wordpress theme from Genesis called minimum pro. Looks slick but i have plenty of customising to get done. Chipping away softly softly. … [Read more]

It’s been a while

Since i thought i'd start this web. I'm not getting as much time as i'd like to get stuck in. However, the first project from wahooworkshop is nearing completion. Thinderbird 3 has it's undercoat ready for sanding and first top coat of bright red, … [Read more]